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The Brick Supplier for Calgary Home and Business Owners

As your trusted brick supplier in Calgary, Alomar Brick and Stone distributes products that will truly set your home or business apart from the rest. We can fill orders of all sizes, so make sure you call us for all of your brickwork needs! Because of our belief in high quality, we offer products from the following brands:

  • Kansas Brick and Tile: Whether you want pavers or beautiful bricks for a home renovation, Kansas Brick and Tile delivers top-quality products. 

  • Cloud Ceramics: This highly respected, long-standing company has been producing fine-face bricks for all kinds of architectural and residential construction projects since 1946.

Our clients include homeowners, architects, landscapers and masonry contractors. The bricks are available in many textures, colours and styles.

Rumford Fireplaces, Pizza Ovens and Chimney Pots

Ready to renovate? Consider adding a Rumford fireplace, a custom chimney pot or a brick pizza oven! These unique features will make you the talk of the neighbourhood and help enhance your property value and functionality. We have many wonderful products to choose from – contact us today!

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